1. Call Rodney OKC Bail Bonds

    The first step is to call Rodney at 405-205-0603. Give him the details of the arrest such as where the arrest took place and your loved one’s complete information such as their name, date of birth and the city or county where they are being held. This information is important to help us get the information we need from the jail.

  2. Co-signer

    There will need to be a co-signer. If you are going to be the co-signer, please see the FAQ page on this website to learn more about what it means to be a cosigner. There will also be a premium due at the time the paperwork is started. Typically that amount is 10% of the bond amount. For example, if the bond is $2,000, the amount due would be $200.

  3. Paperwork

    The next step in the process would be the paperwork. This doesn’t take very long, but we will have to meet with the co-signer to complete this step. We will request you fill out a few forms where you will be asked to provide some details about the defendant and yourself. Some identification documents may have to be provided at this point – such as your Driver License and proof of residence. Once the paperwork is complete we can post the bond.

  4. Release

    Once the bond is posted, the jail will prepare your loved one to be released. It is a challenging task to give a precise estimate as to how long it would take for them to be released. The release process varies, and moves faster in some jails while slowing down in others. This can be somewhat demanding and a test for your patience.

  5. After Release Meeting

    There will be some paperwork that needs to be completed by the defendant after they have been released. We will usually arrange to meet with them later that day or the next, depending on what time they are actually released.

  6. Once Relased

    Once released, the most important thing for the defendant to do is to keep track of and attend all court appearances. It is also important that they find a good attorney that can represent them with the DA and in front of the Judge.

The above listed process may seem to make the bail process sound complicated, but the entire process takes about a few hours. The only wait time involved is the time it takes for the defendant to be released by the jail. The paperwork involved takes no more than half hour to complete. Please give us a call at 405-205-0603 for any additional questions you have with the bail process.

If you or a loved one need help getting out of jail,
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